Holy Hell, It’s a Dream Come True!


June 18, 2013 7:43 PM by Smash

BM_Snh1CUAESPFzI wrote about this as one of the first posts in B-Minus Blogs. Here’s the original blog:

This one has baffled me since I was a kid.  Why did they never make jugs of Capri Sun?  One of the best drinks money can buy and it only comes in 6.75 ounces.  That thing was gone in 9 seconds flat on a slow day.  Although, they did get fancy with the Capri Sun Big Pouches.  Still, what were those?  11 ounces?  Come on now. 

This is such a game changer I can’t even comprehend it. Here’s what will probably happen though: just like the three new flavors of Lays, I’ll walk into the store excited to buy some and walk to the juice aisle, and nothing. Pouches of Capri Sun, grape juice, and everything in between…but no big bottles of the good stuff. Let down city.

They also better not have just made fruit punch. Their fruit punch blows. Pacific Cooler in a big ass jug and this will be the best summer to date. Ice cold Pacific Cooler on a hot summer day. Might as well start writing the lyrics for a country song now. Billboard top 100 here I come.

2 thoughts on “Holy Hell, It’s a Dream Come True!

  1. cdeluca262 says:

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    Capri Sun is one of the best drinks ever… lol

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