Roy Hibbert Just Being Roy Hibbert

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June 3, 2013 8:32 AM by Billy Heywood


Yahoo- The NBA fined Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert $75,000 on Sunday for using the phrase “no homo” and calling the media “mother[expletive]” during his postgame press conference following Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals on Saturday.


Hibbert, through the Pacers, issued a statement apologizing for his “insensitive remarks” early Sunday. Despite the apology, NBA Commissioner David Stern said in announcing the fine that a hefty financial penalty “is necessary to reinforce that such offensive comments will not be tolerated by the NBA.”


After an impressive 24-point, 11-rebound, paint-controlling performance against the reeling Miami Heat to help push the conference finals to a winner-take-all Game 7, Hibbert spoke with reporters about his role in the Pacers’ 91-77 Game 6 win. During his postgame podium trip alongside teammate Paul George, Hibbert used the phrase “no homo” as an ill-considered joke following a question about defending LeBron James. The Georgetown product also casually referred to the media as “motherf—–s” in response to a question about his surprisingly low finish in Defensive Player of the Year voting.


“And I don’t care if I get fined,” the 26-year-old center said Saturday. His $75,000 punishment was the stiffest the NBA has handed out this year, topping the $50,000 fine earned by Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders back in March for suggesting that referees favor the Heat.

This is straight up dumb. We get it. People say shit about everyone to offend them, by accident or not. But what the fuck people? Ok, I understand you can’t exactly call the media motherfuckas, but the whole “gay slander” is very exaggerated. The guy said “no homo”, and the media is making it seem like he was wearing a white hood with a swastika engraved in gold on it, while screaming “I HATE ALL GAY PEOPLE! DIE GAYS!! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!” at his press conference. If he said something like “Yea, I played great defense, yanno, I was on Lebron like Elton John on Liberace in Fire Island for Labor day!” ok, I would agree. But comeon! And for fuck’s sake, 75 Grand?!

And I LOVE the response by Roy. Straight up owning the situation.“And I don’t care if I get fined,” basically saying “Fuck ya’ll motherfuckas, this is how I talk motherfucka”


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