France Doing Some Good? Weird!

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May 31, 2013 2:05 PM by Wade Blogs

6839395120_996131a037_zFrance 24 – French Health Minister Marisol Touraine has called for electronic cigarettes to be banned from public places and their sale to be restricted to over-16s only.

In an interview with French radio station France Info on Friday morning, Touraine urged that electronic cigarettes be treated in the same way as normal cigarettes.

“We want the same laws that apply to normal cigarettes to apply to electronic cigarettes,” she said, adding that advertisements for e-cigarettes should also be banned.

I am not a big supporter or fan of France in anyway. The women have arm pit hair and the men wear capris. Don’t even get me started on the scarves and berets. Anyways this isn’t a anti-France post, I am actually very pleased with them.

Nothing is more douchy and lame than a fake cigarette. You really cannot go outside and smoke it for 5 minutes or you’re worried about the health concerns with smoking? Why would you smoke an electric cigarette then? I am sure it has some side effects in one way or another. But getting back to the douchness of the electric smokers.

1. It is not real and when something isn’t real it isn’t good. I’d rather play on grass than field turf any day. I’d rather drink FRESH lemonade than powder lemonade. So why would you think an electric cigarette is better than the actual one?

2. The people who smoke these indoors are CRAVING attention. They are more desperate than a sorority girl at a frat party. Almost all places have banned indoor smoking and if you see people smoking e-cigarettes inside it is most likely because they want to stand out.

3. You’re a huge pussy if you smoke these. Cigarettes have always been the true test of a badass. Think of all the tough guys in history or in tv/movies. They all smoke cigarettes after kicking ass or banging the shit out of some broad. I.e. Clint Eastwood, Don Draper, Franklin D. Roosevelt. You don’t see anyone nearly as intimidating by smoking an e-cigarette.

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