Is the Whole “Wear White After Memorial Day” Thing Still a Rule?


May 28, 2013 10:17 AM by Smash

white-pants-2So Memorial Day has come and gone and we’re officially into summertime. Once Memorial Day hits, you start hearing murmors of “you can finally wear white since it’s after Memorial Day.”

First of all, is this still a rule? And yes, I know this is for women since men don’t wear white pants anyway. Not for nothing, but I feel like I’ve seen white pants way before Memorial Day. Secondly, if it is a rule or fashion, why is it a rule? Who the fuck says you can’t wear a certain color of clothing at all times of the year? That’s racist fashion advice if you ask me.

I broke down and had to Google this. Here’s the best answer I got for “why” it’s a rule:

Originally, the rule was more along the lines of “Only wear white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day.” Furthermore, it mainly applied to whit pumps or dress shoes. White tennis shoes and off-white boots seem exempt, as are any shoes worn by a winter bride. “Winter white” clothing (e.g., cream-colored wool) is acceptable between Labor Day and Memorial Day too.

The only logical reasoning we could find cited temperature. Image consultant Nancy Penn suggests that because white reflects light and heat, wearing white would make you cooler in winter, and thus should be avoided. But others suggest the rule stems from a class issue.

Well that makes sense if it was the 19th century and there weren’t air conditioning or heat sources. People are still going by this? The fuck is going on? I guess this is really some bullshit rule after all, huh? I’m officially throwing it out the window. If anyone asks why you’re wearing white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, you can say Uncle Smash told you it was ok.

Sidenote – Guys, this still doesn’t apply to you.

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