This New Yankees-Manchester City Partnership May Push for MLB Games in Europe?

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May 22, 2013 4:30 PM by Smash

YANKEESMAN052113Yahoo – The New York Yankees proved Tuesday they won’t be confined — not to baseball and maybe not to New York City either.

A $100 million partnership was announced Tuesday between the Yankees and Premier League club Manchester City to create a Major League Soccer team called New York City FC. Yahoo! Sports soccer blog, Dirty Tackle, has more of the particulars. But here’s one interesting tidbit that’s emerged on the baseball side: This could open the door for the Yankees to play in England.

From London newspaper The Telegraph:

With London playing host to American football and NBA basketball fixtures in recent years, Yankees president Randy Levine admitted his interest in taking his baseball team to Manchester for a Major League Baseball game.

“The idea has come up through Major League Baseball about us maybe coming over to play,” Levine said. “I don’t think they have actually said it yet, but we’d love to come over to play at the Etihad Stadium.”

Why? As Wade Blogs wrote yesterday, the Yankees and Manchester City have this new partnership and will add another team to the New York Metropolitan area. Whatever, it’s going to add more clutter to New York and there’s no stopping them.

But this move could be the dumbest move they could make. First of all, we’ve seen this done in the NCAA with Notre Dame playing in Ireland, the NFL with a couple of games in London, and now they want to do this with the MLB (well they did those ridiculous Japan games too I guess)? Secondly, I’m pretty sure 95% of Europeans have no clue how baseball works. They probably think of baseball the same way we look at cricket. It has similar qualities but if you sit down and watch, they’re not even close.

What would they do? Send a couple of teams on 6 hour+ flights for a 3 game series, then turn around and go back to the States? That sounds like a biological nightmare. Just as you’re about to adjust to the time, you’re back on a plane. These guys would be exhausted and would not be beneficial to their season whatsoever. A Spring Training type game or whatever, sure, no harm no foul. But to put these guys over there for one series and toss them back in the regular season in the states is absurd. Gives their next opponent a huge advantage and just would not make sense logistically.

Sorry Europe, you’re going to have to stick to soccer or watching games at 1AM. Don’t think you care a whole lot.

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