Spielberg and Microsoft Are Gonna Get All the Nerds Wet

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May 22, 2013 3:15 PM by Billy Heywood

halo-tv-seriesE!online – Master Chief, prepare for your TV debut. Microsoft announced today that they, along with legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, are developing a live-action TV series based on the world of Halo.

“The Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at that intersection where technology and myth-making meet to produce something truly groundbreaking,” Spielberg said in a pretaped video during Microsoft’s official reveal of the Xbox One.

“Halo has always been more than a game,” 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross added while announcing the series.

The Halo series will be commissioned exclusively for Xbox Live. Release date is yet to be determined, but we can just go ahead and start dream-casting it…now!

Well, nothing is going to get a dork to jizz harder than watching a real-life Halo, while playing Halo. How could they possibly make this TV show? Take the dumb ass campaign modes and shit that no one plays? Oh sick…If you’re a fan of Halo, and have played all the campaigns, wouldn’t you know what is going to happen? So why bother watching the show?

I fucking HATE Halo. Everytime I play Halo, I spend 45 seconds running around, dodging grenades and bullets, just to get a good gun. Then once I get that gun, I die. Fucking future shit, aliens, space crafts and wizardry? Nah, I’m good. I might love video games, but not this lame ass shit.

I could play WW2 games for the rest of my life and be 10000% satisfied.

Call-of-duty-2-1The Medal of Honors, Call of Dutys, Brothers in Arms, any of them. LameBox, PS2, LameBox360, PS3, or PC, IDGAF! Graphics could be the fucking worst, but I’ll take it over Aliens and bullshit weapons. I’ve stormed Normany so many times in my life, I bet I can hop in a time machine and get into the bunkers myself!

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