The 4 Types of Bumper Sticker People You’re Guaranteed to See on a Road Trip


May 21, 2013 2:01 PM by Smash

Road TripSummer is here folks. I got burned like you wouldn’t believe, it’s finally consistently warm, and the Cubs are terrible. I’d say it’s official. What that also means is the good ol’ road trip.

Anytime you spend long amounts of time in a car, you’re bound to see some ridiculous shit. It could be the world’s biggest yogurt cup or it could be an 94 year old biker. But let’s talk about the maniacs with the bumper stickers. I don’t know why people feel the need to destroy their cars or think that those bumper stickers will do anything, but whatever floats their boat I guess.

1. The Political Pundit

anti-obama-bumper-sticker-carcustom-car-bumper-stickersAlways a guarantee. It’s pretty straightforward: whatever party the sitting President is, you’ll see stickers asking for impeachment, stoping wars, the end date of that presidents term, etc. They don’t just have opinions, they have the strongest opinions you’ll come across. The two cars above couldn’t be better examples.

2. The Religious Nut

bumper_stickers_rectDriving through the South? Then you’ll definitely see this person. First of all, I have absolutely no problem with religion. However, there is a certain line. There’s your everyday type of person, than there’s the “if you don’t prayer, you’re going to hell and I’m going to let you know” type of person. Jesus fish, Gospels, Psalms, probably playing the Christian rock station.

3. The Activist/Hippie

bumper-sticker-car“Peace,” “Meat is Murder,” “Coexist.” They want change and what are they going to do about it? Put bumper stickers on their car, of course! Don’t be surprised if they’re driving a Suburu Outback. They usually seem to be feminists, vegans/vegetarians, anti-religion, anti-establishment type people. And they also probably have the worst bumper sticker somewhere on their car: “Mean People Suck.” They’re bound to  smell so make sure to keep your distance from this one.

4. The Music Lover

bumper-stickersThis one kind of blurs lines with number 3. A lot of times, the people with band stickers all over their car are the ones who go to Phish shows. They’re most likely going to be a hippie and/or pothead so they probably have similar beliefs. However, they’re definitely not limited to them. It seems like a lot of times their car is filled with old bands that either don’t play at all anymore or haven’t done much in the last 10 years (Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Oasis, etc). I guess so once you stick it on, you know it will also be worth it?

Those are the 4 types of cars with bumper stickers you’re guaranteed to see this summer on your road trip. You may see others, but if you don’t see at least one of each, I’d be shocked.

If I left one or more out, let me know. This may be a living list as I think of any I missed.

4 thoughts on “The 4 Types of Bumper Sticker People You’re Guaranteed to See on a Road Trip

  1. DenCo says:

    You forgot the all time worst

    “The runner” 26.2 or 18.1 stickers
    “The Family” My kid is on the honor roll at some good for nothing public school
    “The Traveler” They have State/city/area abbreviated stickers all over there bumper. Not so much large cities but vacation spots. Some examples: OBX, MTK, BZY, WDW, ORL, SAV

  2. I have stickers all over my 2006 Nissan Xterra. They are a combination of craft brewery stickers and vacation stickers. My family and I love to travel and go on adventures and usually we hit up all the local breweries. The kids look for stickers anywhere we go as well and basically my Xterra has become a scrape book for all of our adventures.

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