How Bout Zach Galifianakis Being More Than Just a Funny Man?


May 21, 2013 11:31 AM by Smash

zach-galifianakisIn light of what happened yesterday in Oklahoma, this story couldn’t come out at a better time. Here’s the short story:

Zack Galifianakis came across Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist about 20 years ago, where he found her volunteering at the local laundromat. Mimi was homeless and would rely on tips left by customers to get by, which you can imagine, was not a lot.qxhGUeZ

When Galifianakis met Mimi in 1994, he was a struggling comic and frequented the laundromat. However, as most of us know, a movie trilogy called The Hangover came out and was a massive success. Allen/Galifianakis was basically a household name and success was certainly reached.

So what did all this success for Galifianakis mean for Mimi? Well, Galifianakis learned Mimi was homeless so he made sure to fix that problem. He found Mimi a one bedroom apartment, which he fulls for entirely (Galifianakis also introduced Renee Zellweger to Mimi, who fully furnished Mimi’s apartment). Pretty great, right? Well that’s not it. Galifianakis now has a date to bring to red carpet events. Galifianakis has taken Mimi to three premiers now: two Hangover movies and The Campaign.n8m3h6A

You’d think more celebrities would do simple things like this. Fairly simple, and it’s a FRACTION of their bank account to pay someone’s rent. Oh, and as Mimi says: “she’s often mistaken for his girlfriend.” So you can have a date on your arm for big events. Win-win.

2 thoughts on “How Bout Zach Galifianakis Being More Than Just a Funny Man?

  1. Wingfoot says:

    This is a great idea. I have 3 weddings this summer and I am single. I am going to go throughout the subways and pic a homeless woman to clean up to bring. I feed her and look charitable

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