Catching a Ball at an MLB Game: Keep it or Give it Away?

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May 21, 2013 10:15 AM by Smash

6a0115709f071f970b015433deaadc970c (1)Dips and I were discussing this yesterday: if you’re at a Major League Baseball game and a foul ball or home run ball comes whizzing at you and you catch it, what do you do? You can either keep it as a souvenir or give it away?

I personally fall in the latter of the two. If I catch a home run ball or a foul ball, I’m finding the closest kid to me and giving it to him. Why? Because I’m a grown ass man what I just caught can be bought at a store for $15 (yeah…MLB balls are fifteen fucking dollars at a store). I’m not saying it’s not cool or it’s not rare, I just don’t need a ball sitting in my apartment collecting dust. I’d much rather give it to a kid who’s year will probably be made receiving the ball. I would have lost my shit if someone gave me a ball back in the day. I’m a grown ass man.

With that being said, there are definitely times I WOULD NOT give the ball away. In a general sense that covers most scenarios, I’m keeping it if it’s any big game, historic event, or a big name player (which is still borderline).

World Series

Record breaking home run (unless I got big money from that player)

Future Hall of Famer hit it (home run only, foul ball is still going to a kid)

That’s about it. Those are my only reasons to keep a ball. Oh, and if you’re a grown ass man and you bring a glove to a game, you’re a lunatic. I’ll write that one another day…it may be lengthy.

Sidenote – This guy gets a pass on bringing his glove:th

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