And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

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May 17, 2013 10:31 AM by Billy Heywood


NFL- New York Jets cornerback Dee Milliner has fired his agency, Impact Sports, after failing to be selected in the top five of the 2013 NFL Draft. The move made Milliner the second high-profile Jets rookie, after quarterback Geno Smith, to do so after a draft deemed less than satisfying.

“I know that everything was done to ensure that Mr. Milliner would be drafted as high as possible,” Fleming said. “Dee was the first cornerback selected, and he was drafted ninth overall to the New York Jets. This is a tremendous accomplishment. I wish Mr. Milliner future success in his professional career.”

Since 2000, Impact has represented 12 first-round draft picks, with several in the top 10. But Milliner is the first during that time to part ways with the agency. In fact, just two first-rounders in 26 years terminated agreements with the agency — none before the completion of the rookie contracts — and both eventually re-hired them.

Noteworthy is that the Jets have been sticklers on including off-set language in contracts, which might be an issue for Milliner at No. 9. Impact Sports negotiated St. Louis Rams rookie Robert Quinn’s contract in 2011, making him the lowest first-rounder to receive no offset language.

Milliner battled pre-draft reports of slow progress from shoulder surgery — one of many ailments from his college career at Alabama — though teams were informed early about them and they did not appear to be much of an issue.

Are you kidding me? First Geno, now Dee? Comeon guy. I would expect this from Geno, being a pretty boy QB and all but Dee? But hey, Geno and Dee will fit in perfectly with all the other money grubbing dickholes that fill up the Jets roster.

Don’t even get me started on Garrard just straight up throwing up deuces to Idzik….Knee and back problems? MY DICK…he knew he’d rather work the floor as a salesmen at Sears than be on the Jets for a couple million and be a loser.


Its going to be a looooong offseason


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