This World is Getting Softer and Softer and This Sign is Proof


May 16, 2013 9:00 AM by Wade Blogs

He's Just a Little BoyThis may be the most unnecessary sign around. So you really think parents are shouting “strike this bum out” to kids under the age of 16? I can’t see any parent jeering the other team at a Little League game. Maybe I grew up in a respectable town and never heard this.

I agree that Little League can make or break a man. Some kids can handle the abuse and some can’t. It’s just like everything else. But let’s be real, if we treat these kids like jeering and name calling don’t exist – we are doing a greater disservice. Some name calling and jeering is okay but there is a fine line. You think I got to where I am today by living in a bubble? Nope. I rolled with the punches and I’m pretty sure you did too.

Also is this a thing? Is Hashtagging going to be a acceptable thing going forward in life? Are we going to teach this in Language Arts class? Holy mackerel that’s a scary thought for the future of the world.

Moral of the story: parents, don’t aggressively ride a kid for being a kid in Little League but also toughen him up for the real world. These signs are unnecessary.

2 thoughts on “This World is Getting Softer and Softer and This Sign is Proof

  1. Chris CArpentier says:

    Don’t be so daft. I played little league as a kid and I was a horrible hitter but I had a rocket of an arm from behind the plate. I was a catcher- a bit bigger than most of my team mates. I recall being taunted by parents while at bat and it DID impact the remainder of my baseball career. In the end I did get a scholarship to Auburn University to play baseball- I still hold the school record for least amount of allowed stolen bases- 1 stolen base in 176 games and 108 outs caught stealing. Even in college I still had issues with hitting and I could still hear the taunting from my youth.

  2. Rea says:

    You really must not go to many little league games now-a-days! It it rough out there, with some parents I have seen personally treating it like a Major league game. Yelling at the kids, cussing the umpires, and even coaches teaching kids under the age of 16 to try to hurt players on the other team. All things I have seen many times while at the field with my two boys. All parents need this reminder to be encouraging from time to time! There are plenty of other more ridiculous things for you to spend your time on in my opinion, than complaining about a sign meant to help children…

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