These “I Ate the Bones” Commercials Need to Go

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May 15, 2013 4:30 PM by Smash

I’ve watched enough of these now. They need to go. You are a certified asshole if after finishing your meal, you think you ate the bones. We get it KFC, you have boneless chicken now. Took you long enough.

The worst part has to be for the KFC employees. You know at least a few times a day, they get some dickhead that comes in, orders the boneless chicken, and drops a “I ATE THE BONES?!” line at the table. Guy probably laughing to himself, expecting others to join in. As if working at KFC wasn’t bad enough, they have to deal with that assjockey.

Let’s mix it up, huh KFC? We all got it. Boneless chicken is available and it doesn’t have any bones. Just end those commercials now…please.

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