Chicago Athletes Making BANK

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May 15, 2013 10:15 AM by Wade Blogs

derrick-roseAccording to an Sports Illustrated report of the 50 highest paid athletes in 2013, this includes salary/bonuses/extras and endorsements. Chicago’s very own Derek Rose came in seventh this year due to his $33.4 million of income.

How does he make $33.4 million this year? Simple. $16.4 Million is paid by the Chicago Bulls organization, the employer in which he hasn’t played a game for in over a year and $17 million comes from endorsements. Derek Rose seems to be the face of everything in Chicago even though he is hurt. You cannot go into a sneaker store without seeing or hearing Derek Rose’s name associated with Adidas. His other endorsements include Poweade, Wilson, Skullcandy, Adidas, and Giordano Pizza. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed a suit endorsement because of this season. For those living under a rock, Derek Rose has been out since April 2012 with a knee injury.

Derek Rose isn’t the only Chicago athlete on the list. Alfonso Soriano made his way onto the list with his $18.2 million of income in 2013. $18million is coming from the loveable losers on the North Side while he is pulling in $200,000 from Wilson and UnderArmor.

Sidenote: Everyone is giving Derek Rose a hard time for not playing this season. Those people are and never were serious athletes. It is one thing to play hurt and another to play injured. Playing injured is detrimental to your team and the future of your organization. Derek Rose is 24 years old and has a bright career ahead of him. Why mortgage the future on a series against one of the BEST teams in NBA history? (More on this later this week).

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