Cubbies Making Moves

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May 13, 2013 2:01 PM by Wade Blogs

C201305-Anthony-RizzoESPN Chicago – The Chicago Cubs and first baseman Anthony Rizzo have agreed to a seven-year, $41 million deal.

Rizzo’s agent, Marc Pollack, confirmed the deal to

Rizzo’s new deal includes two club options at the back end of the contract that could make it worth as much as $73 million over nine years.

Are the Cubs becoming the best front office in baseball? Theo Epstein traded for Anthony Rizzo than signed him to a deal that is pretty much highway robbery. If this kid comes out to half of what is expected from him, this is still a steal.

The Cubs may potentially have this kid for 9 more years for $73 million dollars. He is 23 now and that means he will be coming off his prime at age 32 (most likely) when the deal is up. I realize at age 28-32 is when the big sexy names hit the free agent market but they are often preceded by arbitration hearings and shit. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Rizzo will be to the Cubs what Jeter was to the Yankees. He is the face of a storied franchise that needs something to believe in. He will wear the crown as  Mr. Cub now. While Rizzo gets it done on the field, Theo has to get it done in the front office. Surround Rizzo with some talent from prospects and Free Agents and you’ll be a contender with 2 years.

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