Obesity is a Disease, Not a Decision


May 10, 2013 10:15 AM by Smash

obese-child_2459272bCompletely forgot about this from last weekend. Driving back to Chicago we pass a billboard that says “Obesity is a disease, not a decision.”

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 11.40.09 PMI kind of did a double take. Give it a half read and had to look back and re-read that. I’m sorry, what? So I went to the website immediately and it just redirects you to a hospital’s page for bariatric surgery. I guess that’s one way to drive traffic to your site?

Now this got me all sorts of overly upset. First, the obvious: “obesity is a disease, not a decision.” So you’re telling me, people are fat well basically, just because? Definitely doesn’t have anything to due with zero exercise and eating fried food all the time, right? Yeah, no way. That number one at McDonald’s was 100% part of that insufferable disease, definitely not part of any sort of decision making.

On to the next part: the website. It’s essentially letting everyone know: hey…now that we’ve convinced you your terrible life decisions were actually just a result of a disease, why not have us put you under anesthetics and we’ll make you lose weight!” Fuckin A.

Bariatric Surgery Northwest Indiana   Weight Loss Northwest IndianaAlzheimer’s is a disease, cancer is a disease. Being extremely overweight? No…that’s not a disease. That’s the result of you loving food and hating exercise. Stop making excuses.

One thought on “Obesity is a Disease, Not a Decision

  1. David says:

    I saw this ridiculous billboard last week. Right, you go to a fast food place, eat 1000 calories of worthless food. Go home and eat potato chips and drink sodas or diet sodas and lay around watching tv. Of course you will get fat! You made decisions! IT IS NOT A DISEASE.

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