Doc Gooden Misses ’86 Championship Parade Because of, You Guessed it…Cocaine


May 10, 2013 11:30 AM by Billy Heywood


ESPN New York – Dwight Gooden’s autobiography, entitled “Doc, a Memoir,” is currently available for pre-order ahead of its June 4 release date. An excerpt available at details Gooden discussing why he missed the 1986 World Championship parade: 

“As my teammates rode through the Canyon of Heroes, I was alone in my bed in Roslyn, Long Island, with the curtains closed and the TV on, missing what should have been the greatest morning of my life,” Gooden wrote. “I’d spent all night in a sketchy housing project apartment near the Roosevelt Field mall, getting wasted with a bunch of people I hardly even knew. I was drinking shots of vodka. I was snorting lines of cocaine. And more lines of cocaine — and more lines of cocaine. I didn’t leave the drug party until after the sun came up. 

“As my teammates toasted our triumph, I was nursing a head-splitting coke-and-booze hangover, too spent, too paranoid, and too mad at myself to drag my sorry butt to my own victory parade. I had never felt so lonely before.” 

These days, Gooden has become one of Matt Harvey’s biggest cheerleaders. Dr. K tweets the K count after each Harvey strikeout.

Welp, no shocker here. Cocaine in the Mets locker room in ’86 was just as rampant as roids in the A’s clubhouse in the 80’s to the 00’s. Doc would eat coke for breakfast, lunch, and for dinner he would run train on a bottle of Smirnoff and a busty ebony lady.

But no one gave a fuck back then, because they were the Amazin’s. Imagine if Shawn Marcum, Niese and Gee were doing a quarter of the blow Doc was haulin through his nostrils? God damn, The Mets starters would go 8+ innings a night, and wouldn’t have to rely on Harvey to get a W every fifth day….Just goes to show you that Cocaine, is indeed…


One thought on “Doc Gooden Misses ’86 Championship Parade Because of, You Guessed it…Cocaine

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