Sometimes You Just Have to Let Her Know How You Feel

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May 8, 2013 11:30 AM by Smash

Amazing Rack NoteI’m really hoping this is real. Kid just being a regular Rico Suave in class. He’ll probably become an absolute terror in a few years. Daydreaming 24/7, being the kid that sells Playboy pictures to his classmates, and being the kid that never even considers cooties to be a school-wide epidemic.

I’m no teacher so I’m not sure how this situation would be handled but…how would this situation be handled? He’s technically just complimenting the teacher. Did he break any rules? I really have no clue what they would do here.

Welp, I guess the teachers out there can solve this mystery.

Sidenote – We’re gonna need a picture of Ms. Shaaf ASAP…for science…

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