Why I Hate E-Readers

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May 2, 2013 3:15 PM by Wade Blogs

Book StoreiPads, kindles, whatever Sony calls their product, and all other tablets are literally the biggest cockblock since the start of marriage.

All my life I have been a social person, I’d talk to anyone, look forward to awkward encounters, and live for the chance to be the guy with the light (old phrase to when people would smoke cigarettes).

With technology comes adaptation. How am I going to change with this technology? How can I make it work for me? For the last couple of years I’ve struggled with this. No I am not an illiterate technician, I use multiple devices at once to make my life easier. I’m talking about social adaptation.

I used to walk into book stores and try to act like I was sophisticated…try. Wasn’t too tough, no big deal. I was interested in books but I was interested in the female customers more. Sure, it was a little aggressive and I’m sure creepy to some but I had nothing to lose.

Over the last 14 months I’ve noticed that the bookworms are not as plentiful as they once were. I’ve expanded my playing fields to other book stores and multiple times, it came up drier than most arid desert.

Why is this? All because of technology. People no longer go to bookstores. They buy books online via iTunes, GooglePlay, or Amazon. It’s a travesty! No more are the days bobbing in and out of the non-fiction aisle stalking my prey like a lion in the wild.

And don’t even get me started on subways and walking around. Everyone has headphones in and lead everyone on that they do don’t want to talk to anyone but they do. That is for another post, kids.

If you’re a woman in a major US City and or airport looking at books one time or another…keep it up, there is a dashing good looking and modest gentleman looking to talk to you.

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