3D Masks of Faces is A Terrifying Concept

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May 2, 2013 2:01 PM by Smash

real-f-mask1real-f-mask2Techaw – Real-f is a company based in Japan that specializes in 3 Dimensions Shape Photo (3DPF) or the more easily they can make a 3d mask for you. They claim that they can replicate every detail of the human face, including skin pores, blood vessels and the iris. but to make it happen, they have to take your picture from different angles first, process them into 3D images on a computer, then print them into a vinyl chloride resin material. With this method, guaranteed you will get the 3d mask that 100% similar to you or your friends.

You can order a 3D mask of your face for $4,000 (with additional copies at just $780 each) and a full replica of your head will set you back $6,000 (with additional copies just $2,000).

You know what the best part of this is? The Asian doing the standard Asian peace sign in the picture…classic.

But holy fuck. Is this not the creepiest thing to be invented? People running around with other peoples faces on like it’s no big deal. Absolutely terrifying to picture that. Imagine if instead of bobble head day at the ballpark they have “face replica day.” Maybe give away the face of an opposing player and when he’s at bat everyone tosses his face on. Boom. 30,000 of you staring at you.

I just don’t see the need for this. Start robbing banks and shit with other peoples faces on. Seems fair. SATs, pee tests, you name it, you can send someone else in. Fucking Asians man. What will they come up with next?

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