Wrigley Field Renovations – “It Just Is”


May 1, 2013 10:15 AM by Wade Blogs

Wrigley Scoreboard“Change isn’t good or bad, it just is.” – Don Draper

Wrigley Field has been an a Northside Chicago staple for over 99 years even if the Cubs are monikered the lovable losers. Wrigley Field is pure and one of the best places to see a game but times are a changing. As many of the game going fans transition from baby-boomers to “Generation Tech” (those that grew up with hi-tech gadgets) the ballpark loses its charm and mystique because it does not have the modern day amenities. Don Draper, main character in AMC’s MadMen, quote at the beginning of this post sums up the Wrigley Field renovations perfectly. “It just is.”

We all know Wrigley is getting renovated after last months deal with the City of Chicago. We all know the Wrigley rooftop owners are battling the Cubs management. What we didn’t know until today is how newly renovated Wrigley field would look.

Jumbotron in left? Okay…don’t hate it but don’t love it. Makes me think of Coors Field/Jacobs Field (I know it’s Progressive Field now but I refuse to call it that).

They’ll be expanding the Captain Morgan Club to two stories at the corner of Sheffield and Addison. Don’t think I’ve ever stepped foot in there so it’s not sweat off my back. I’m more of a Murphy’s guy anyway.

The open-air plaza on the so-called Triangle Property on the west side of the ballpark. Not a fan of this because the best part of Wrigleyville is the hometown feel it has. Mom & Pop establishments created by Chicago people for Chicago people. Don’t want to see big franchises come in and run them out.

I LOVE the Wrigley Field sign in right field.  Without a doubt this is the best part of it.

We shall see when it is all said and done how it looks. Would hate to see Wrigley change but I realize they have to do it sooner than later.


One thought on “Wrigley Field Renovations – “It Just Is”

  1. Northsider says:

    Any information on how construction will effect those who live in the area?

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