Man to Mars


April 30, 2013 12:46 PM by Wade Blogs

MARSWashington Post – The notion of landing astronauts on Mars has long been more fantasy than reality: The planet is, on average, 140 million miles from Earth, and its atmosphere isn’t hospitable to human life.

But a human voyage to the planet is now, for the first time, within the realm of possibility, according to space advocates inside and outside government. As a result, plans for a mission around the planet, and ultimately for lengthier stays, have been sprouting like springtime flowers.

The new momentum, some space experts say, comes from the successful landing of the large rover Curiosity in a Martian crater last year, the growing eagerness of space entrepreneurs to mount and fund missions to Mars and encouraging new data about the radiation risks of such an expedition.

NASA says it hopes to land astronauts on the planet within the next two decades, and the agency is developing a heavy-lift rocket and a new space capsule to achieve this goal. It has even established an optimal time frame for this event — in the early 2030s, when the very different orbits of the two planets brings them closest to each other.

A manned mission to Mars within the next two decades is NASA’s lastest big bet. Anyone willing to take this bet? On the side of NASA? Our government is cutting everything and the deficit is not going anywhere soon. How are we going to fund this? I really hope I am wrong because putting a man on Mars sounds fucking AWESOME and I am sure there are resources on Mars that can help the US (again this is me just thinking out loud). It sure as well will send a message to every other country that we still put boots to asses.

But let’s break this down. In 2010 or 2011 NASA retired the space shuttle and pretty much all manned space missions. US astronauts have to hitch a ride with Chinese or Russian space exploration entities. I hated that at first but realized this:  why pay for a car when you can rent one as you save money to by an Aston Martin? Fuck going on joyrides, let’s put all our resources on a legit shot to go to Mars.

Putting a date on this helps because it gives the guys at NASA deadline to get their asses in gear. Nothing is worse than saying “we are close” for 20 years and not doing anything. Let’s get focused and do this. This is the Millennial’s Moon shot. This is our time to show the world again why the Stars and Stripes are the top of the heap.

Who do you get to go on this mission? Assemble some badass team like they do in Armageddon and make them rock stars. They may very well die on this mission, might as well give them the glory the astronauts in the 1960’s got. I’m talking first pitches at baseball games, dating supermodels, on the cover of US Weekly, action figures, you name it.

When do you do it? Obviously has to be a time when nothing is going on. I’d vote the time in-between the Super Bowl and March Madness because that is when NOTHING is going on. I mean sure the NHL and NBA are in season but who watches those games? Everyone will be glued to the coverage of the Mars Mission.

Just Please PLEASE PLEASE don’t have Lance Bass be a part of this mission. Can’t stand to see that smirk on his face ever again.

One thought on “Man to Mars

  1. Pauly B says:

    I be that man on the moon, I’m that man on the moon
    And I’mma do what I do, so do you, hey, hey
    I be posted with my blunt and a brew, my dude
    I’m that man on the moon, I’m up, up on the moon

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