Halos Cant Keep it Together


April 30, 2013 10:15 AM by Wade Blogs

Angels Athletics MossThe Angels and Athletics just finished their game in the wee small hours of the morning. That is no exaggeration. The game which started at 7pm on the West coast lasted 6hours and 32 minutes.

Got to give credit to both teams but even more credit to the fans that stayed to watch the game. Especially when most food and all beer services aware closed by the 9th inning.

The Angels had a lead in the 8th and 15th and blew it. So there was 0% they deserved to win this game.  Also alarming is that Josh Hamilton, the off-season acquisition of the Halos  went 0-8 while last years rookie phenom, Mike Trout, went 1-8.

They will play game two tonight with Richards vs. Parker facing off on the hill at  10:05Pm (ET).

Should be interesting to watch how the managers use their pitchers and construct their lineups after basically playing 2+ games last night.


One thought on “Halos Cant Keep it Together

  1. Grammar Gary says:

    There should not be an apostrophe for Halos in the title.

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