Budweiser Presents the Buddy Cup


April 30, 2013 11:30 AM by Wade Blogs

Fox News – Budweiser recently unveiled the “Buddy Cup,” a pint glass with a built-in chip that connects to Facebook. The cup automatically connects people on Facebook when they clink glasses with another “Buddy Cup” user, creating a virtual friendship instantly.

The cup’s promotional video shows the glass being tested in Brazil as images of drinkers enjoyably clinking pints flash across the screen.

“So, they just did the same as always: Went out drinking Bud, and making new friends,” a male narrator announces in the company’s commercial. “Buddy Cup: the more Buds, the more friends.”

Budweiser is trying to make the bar scene and drinking altogether more social than it already is. Alcohol is known as the lubricant of society for the special effects it gives white people to dance, nerds to speak to perfect 10’s, and the crippling effects to all people trying to hold in their bladders. The same people who gave you the WASSSSUP commercials, the Clydesdales, and Busch Stadium are introducing: Buddy Cups.

The Buddy Cups are making it easier for you to connect on Facebook and other social media. Can’t say I am one bit surprised by this at all. Facebook has EXPLODED over the course of 8 – 9 years and needs new venues to grow. They are partnering and/or developing all types of things that require you to sign on to Facebook (which I hate).

We want to hear from you. Is this a game changer or something you hope will be squashed in its infancy?

One thought on “Budweiser Presents the Buddy Cup

  1. Historical Joe says:

    I reckon back when I was carousing in the bars, there were no microchips or facesbooks.

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