Twinkies Coming Back to Stores This Summer


April 26, 2013 12:45 PM by Smash

TWINKIES TURN 71 ON APRIL 6NY Daily News – After months of restructuring, Hostess is ready to get back to churning out sweets, which means those with a sweet tooth will be able to get a Twinkie fix this summer.

“We expect to be making and selling in July,” Michael Cramer, executive vice president of Hostess Brands LLC, told NBC News. “Probably the later half of the month before the product hits the stores.”

The old Hostess company was dismantled and its assets sold off. Two hedge funds, Apollo Global & Metropoulos & Co., bought the best-known of the company’s snack brands and launched a new company, Hostess Brands LLC.

OH MY GOD! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Glad all you idiots out there ran to stores and paid a premium for Twinkies that you’d “never be able to get ever again.” Best part is, they’re coming back, will be a big thing for a month or two, then go back to being another snack no one buys/eats. It happens with everything that disappears and makes a comeback.

People freak out with novelty shit. If there’s the slightest chance something will be taken away from them, welp, might as well go buy 387 of them…just in case. Food items are always the ones that really blow my mind. You probably just bought way more of whatever it is and it will expire before you will ever touch it. Pretty sure the people that do this are the same ones that own cats. Can’t get enough cats…can’t make enough terrible decisions.

One thought on “Twinkies Coming Back to Stores This Summer

  1. anashayne says:

    Reblogged this on nealr25 and commented:
    Though I don’t appreciate the negativity, I knew they’d be back, and I’m grateful they’ll have some of the popular products from Hostess back in stores, eventually. I don’t think I’d be so crazy as to buy a thousand when something I love leaves, but it would make me consider purchasing a few more of whatever it is thats leaving my world. And I’d hope it not expire. Some of my favorite foods have disappeared, and I’ll never get them back. I accept that. I thought Hostess was taking away all the twinkies and whatever else. I don’t like cream filled anything. But, I thought this was worth sharing for those that do love those cream filled bad boys, that so desire a twinkie. Enjoy.

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