5-Year-Old Becomes Mensa Member; Mensa is the Worst

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April 26, 2013 10:15 AM by Smash

ht_kindergardener_mensa_lpl_130425_wmainYahoo – Most parents believe their child is the smartest kid in the class, but when Robert Dorman says this, he’s likely right.

His son, 5-year-old Gus Dorman, with an IQ of 147, became one of the youngest members admitted to Mensa, the exclusive high IQ society.

Now in kindergarten, Gus is already reading such books as “Charlotte’s Web,” while his classmates work on mastering the ABCs.

For fun, Gus memorizes the periodic table and a world map. And sometimes he corrects his father on geography.

“He got into an argument with me because I told him that the capital of Alaska is Anchorage,” said Dorman. “But it’s not, it’s Juneau.”

Dorman first noticed Gus’ advanced intelligence when he started to potty train his son at 18-months. Gus started to bring a newspaper to read on the toilet, and was also reading his father’s copies of “Wired” magazine.

The world is doomed. “Now in kindergarten, Gus is already reading such books as “Charlotte’s Web,” while his classmates work on mastering the ABCs.” Shut. Up. It’s probably more like “while his classmates are out playing dodgeball and sports, he’s nose deep in a book.” Kid is going to grow up arrogant as fuck and you KNOW his parents sneak it into every conversation now. “Yeah…Gus is a Mensa member…” Woof, having to go to kids events are bad to begin with. They’re about to get a whole lot worse when the Dorman’s arrive. Roll out the red fucking carpet.

I feel like Mensa is just filled with all the kids who got picked last in gym class. All the people who are too smart for normal people. So smart they need their own little club. I had called a guy at work who for some reason had to let me know he was a Mensa member. If I could have punched him through the phone, I would have. They are the WORST.

That’s great this kid is smart and all, but lets calm down. He studies periodic tables in his free time and other kids are outside playing. Let’s call a spade a spade.

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