The NFL Draft is an Overrated Snoozefest


April 25, 2013 3:15 PM by Smash

Snoring(He must have been watching the draft)

Before I say anything, I want to make something very clear: I love football. College football, NFL, it’s the best. College football on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays in the fall are some of the best days of the year. I also love my team.

With that being said:

Draft day (and the days following) is one of the most overhyped, overrated events in sports. Nowadays, you essentially know the top 10 picks. It’s talked about since the Super Bowl ended and everyone has created their mock drafts. Sure, it’s great to get excited about that big pick that may turn your team around (Andrew Luck) but other than that, is there any need to watch?

Holy shit the draft is one of the most boring things you can watch on tv. Way too much time between picks and you’re staring at a bunch of fat people dressed up like assholes. Which that is a whole other topic. Why people pay money to go to the draft is mind boggling. You’d think the draft picks just scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Or it goes the other way and you’d think their mothers just died when their team picks someone they didn’t want.

The whole thing is ridiculous. That’s what Twitter is for. See who your team picks (or any other player/team you’re interested in) and go back to doing whatever you were doing. Done and done.

3 thoughts on “The NFL Draft is an Overrated Snoozefest

  1. mrl87dude says:

    Very true… What is fun to see in the draft in not the top 10 or even 15.. It is seeing the later rounds and the surprise picks that teams make. Thinking Tom Brady..

  2. JimmyMorris63 says:

    Look at the real estate on the front yard on the Mrs in that picture. Thanks Bminus blogs!

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