Edward Norton Sent a Paparazzo to the Hospital…for a “Tissue Contusion”

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April 25, 2013 12:45 PM by Smash

Finger_Splint3_op_800x600NY Post – Fed-up “Fight Club” star Edward Norton had an amateur paparazzo get in his face in Midtown this week, and the actor sent the guy to the hospital to whine about a sore finger, law enforcement sources told The Post yesterday.

The accused stalker, who under the name Alain Bin Naim produces videos on a YouTube channel, then had the nerve to complain to cops that Norton attacked him. He also scurried to Beth Israel Hospital, where a doctor said he suffered a “tissue contusion” on his middle finger. The doctor told cops the kooky publicity hound insisted on getting a splint for his finger because he was in so much pain.

Now, the NYPD is investigating Norton for “harassment,” a source said. When reached for comment, Becerra-Calderon said the exchange was “very, very scary” and the actor “needs to learn to control his temper… I asked if I could ask a question, and he grabbed my phone.” He said his finger’s “bruised” and, “the hospital even had to put a bandage on it.” When asked whether he’s exploring legal action, the YouTube boob said, “I’m discussing that with my attorney.”

Is this mother fucker serious? I understand where Edward Norton is coming from. Paparazzi in your face 24/7. It’s gets real old, real fast. I’d be in jail all the time if I had to deal with that. Harassment cases out the wazoo. Breaking cell phones and cameras left and right.

This guy went to the fucking hospital because his finger hurt, had them put a splint on it, and topped it off by saying the exchange was “very, very, scary?” I don’t even know what to call this clown. Pussy is too light. Guy probably loves soccer. Hell, he probably loves it for the flopping. Just can’t get enough of it.

Chances the NYPD have already tossed this “case” in the garbage? About 1,000%. Stop wasting the police’s and everyone else time, dickwad. I hope your finger never heals.

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