ESPN Surprisingly Left Brady Quinn Out of This Article


April 24, 2013 2:02 PM by Wade Blogs

Brady Quinn DraftESPN – The origin of the green room’s name goes back hundreds of years, apparently to English theater. In show business, it’s a waiting room for the performers before they go on stage.

At the draft, it’s the place where dreams and nightmares unfold in front of millions. Mitt Romney didn’t have cameras in his face as he watched the 2012 presidential election slip away; CEOs don’t get promoted or demoted in front of a live audience. But that’s what is so unique about the green room. It makes heroes human.

Those who have braved this room call it a cross between the Grammys, the waiting room of the dentist’s office and, inevitably, the New York lottery.

“It’s wonderland if you go early,” said former NFL running back Thomas Jones, who went seventh overall in 2000. “If you don’t, it can turn into solitary confinement.”

Coming into the 2007 draft Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn was considered to be one of the top players in the country and was invited to the draft. Before the draft started, Quinn was labeled as a “franchise quarterback in the mold of Carson Palmer.” He was projected to be picked in the top ten and even could have been the number one overall pick. While some suspected the Cleveland Browns would select Quinn with the third pick, he fell to the 22nd pick (originally Cowboys pick) in the draft before being picked up by Browns.

It was painful to see him in the NFL greenroom throughout this whole process, I literally remember my buddies in college who HATED him and the Fighting Irish feeling bad for him. It was just plain cruel that ESPN kept showing him over and over again with every pick that was not him.

I am ASTONISHED that Brady Quinn isn’t even mentioned in this article. He is the poster boy of draft drops. I am not saying he deserved to go higher, I am saying that he was projected by nearly EVERYONE to go in top ten. Elizabeth Merrill wrote this article and I like her writings but come on! This is a chance to highlight the Fighting Irish shortcomings, which is one of college footballs favorite pastimes!

Brady Quinn is now in Seattle and has been an NFL journeyman. Look at Jamarcus Russell, the guy got paid stupid money and no where to be found in the NFL. Just goes to show you that draft pick numbers are just that…numbers.

One thought on “ESPN Surprisingly Left Brady Quinn Out of This Article

  1. JPembrooke 912 says:

    Not surprise, the anti-Notre Dame movement is just flat out ignoring anything ND related now. Damn Shame

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