Amputee Marathoner Knows Victims Will Run Again

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April 22, 2013 11:30 AM by Billy Heywood


New Republic – The Boston Marathon ended for Jeff Glasbrenner three tenths of a mile from the finish line. Police called out for the runners to stop, but didn’t say why. Then people on the sidelines told him: A bomb went off. People lost legs. There are body parts laying on the ground.

“It hit home,” he said Tuesday, “because I am an amputee.”

“It’s not exactly comfortable,” said Glasbrenner. On Monday, he said, he had to make a pit stop at Mile 25 to adjust his leg. It might have saved his life. “If I hadn’t made that stop, I would have been at the finish line when the bomb went off,” he said. “I know what these individuals are going to have to go through. They’re going to have a long process. They’re going to have to hit rock bottom and climb out of it.”

Amputation is a “transformative event,” said Dr. David Crandell, a former Marathon runner and specialist in amputee rehabilitation at Boston’s Spaulding Hospital. His department was preparing to care for any of the survivors who might arrive from other hospitals in the coming days.

“If someone was a runner, they can still be a runner,” Crandell said. “Running is cognitive, it’s a mindset. How you accomplish the 26.2 is individualistic, but it’s a mindset and a desire.”

Jeff Glassbrenner is a stud. Basically goes out there, runs a marathon with one leg, and lives through the attack. He knows what its like to live life amputated, and reaches out to the victims to basically show them that they will be ok, and run again.

Fuck, I never run. When I do, its for like 12 minutes and I’m dead. Fuck runner’s high, that shit doesn’t exist, all you get is cramps and runner’s shits. Hersey squirts.

However, I might actually train/compete for the Boston Marathon because I’m already so fucking hyped for it and Patriot Day next year. U!S!A!

Probably not…

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