The Terrible News Continues – Fertilizer Plant in West, Texas Exploded Last Night

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April 18, 2013 9:00 AM by Smash

Texas Flag Half StaffYahoo – Hundreds of people were likely injured in a fiery explosion on Wednesday night at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas, that damaged or destroyed numerous buildings including a school and nursing home, authorities said.

The blast was reported at about 8 p.m. CDT (0100 GMT on Thursday) in West, a town of some 2,700 people about 80 miles south of Dallas and 20 miles north of Waco.

“It’s a lot of devastation. I’ve never seen anything like this,” said McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara. “It looks like a war zone with all the debris.”

There was no immediate official word on what sparked the explosion as emergency personnel assisted victims and doused the flames.

A spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, D.L. Wilson, told Reuters the blast had probably caused “hundreds of casualties” and damaged many homes. He added that a nearby nursing home had collapsed from the explosion and that people were believed trapped inside.

Some 82 members of the sect and four federal agents died at Waco.

This is an absolutely terrible week in news and it’s only Thursday. This wasn’t an attack or anything like in Boston but it obviously doesn’t make it any better. West, Texas is a small town and people were just going about their lives and this freak accident occurs.

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 11.39.43 PMThis father and daughter were able to get some raw footage of the explosion as it happened. Sometimes, you really don’t understand how bad or how big something is/was until you see it. Heads up – this video gets very loud and is also one of the most heartbreaking videos you’ll ever watch (nothing graphic).

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in West, Texas who passed away, had family members involved, or were any other way affected by this tragedy.

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