Why Can’t the Skateboarders I See in Public Ever Land a Trick?

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April 17, 2013 4:31 PM by Smash

It’s finally getting warm out which means the skateboarders as putting down their Xbox controllers, Mountain Dew, an Doritos. It also means there are about to be a bunch of teenagers shredding the streets and attempting to pull of some sick ollies and kick flips brah. However, there’s a problem with it. THEY NEVER FUCKING LAND THEIR TRICKS!

Alright, I know what an ollie is and those don’t seem to be the issue. It’s anything more than an ollie or trying to grind on something. 10 times out of 10 they try to pull some trick and they don’t land it or they fall. You’d think they’d practice someone isolated and get those down before busting them out in public. I think this is the main reason why I hate skateboarders. Start landing some tricks you pussies. If you’re going to try and show off to everyone, you can’t be fucking up and taking hundreds of tries to land a trick.

When I say I have never seen a trick landed while out in public, I mean I have NEVER seen one landed. It’s like trying to find Bigfoot. He’s out there somewhere just waiting to be seen. One of you douchebags surprise me one of these days.


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