The Intro and National Anthem Before the Bruins Game Couldn’t Have Been Any Better


April 17, 2013 9:20 PM by Smash

Boston Strong

Anyone who saw this live would probably agree that holding back any sort of emotions was tough. Great job by the Bruins putting this intro together, but an even better job by everyone in attendance at the TD Garden getting involved. Most times when they ask the crowd to join in in singing the National Anthem, you get lip movement at best. Not tonight.

What is usually just Rene Rancourt crushing the Anthem, was about 12 seconds of just him, followed by a minute and a half of a Bostonstrong crowd and a Bostonstrong city.

Job well done Bruins, and more importantly, job well done Boston.

UPDATE – Right as I published this, Dips sent me his two cents on the same topic. Below is his take:

Can’t say how many times I watched the National Anthem during tonight’s Bruins game. Brought serious joy to my heart that a community can come back so quickly and strongly while not forgetting what truly matters. The thousands of people joining together to sing our Nation’s song was truly remarkable.

I know I said this earlier in my Believe in America post but we aren’t New Yorkers, Bostonians, Chicagoans, Floridians, or Californians. We are all Americans and that showed in the singing of the National Anthem. Well done and I am sure this will be a moment seen for the rest of history of sports.

On a sidenote: When did it become okay not to put your hand over your heart during the National Anthem? When did this become acceptable and allowed? I’ll save that for another post


One thought on “The Intro and National Anthem Before the Bruins Game Couldn’t Have Been Any Better

  1. Maryanne Leykum says:

    Remembering 1 year ago and never forgetting. Boston you are strong. USA you are strong.

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