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April 17, 2013 11:31 AM by Wade Blogs

Tracy McGradyESPN – Tracy McGrady is joining the San Antonio Spurs.

“It’s official,” McGrady told ESPN.com in a text message Tuesday afternoon.

The 33-year-old McGrady will be eligible to play for the Spurs during the playoffs because he was not on an NBA roster as of March 1. He said he will not play in San Antonio’s regular-season finale on Wednesday night against Minnesota.

McGrady last played in the NBA during the 2011-12 season, averaging 5.3 points and 16.1 minutes per game for Atlanta.

He played in the Chinese Basketball Association this year, averaging 25 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists.

Asked how much he can contribute to the Spurs, who recently released Stephen Jackson, McGrady was humble.

“I guess that’s the unknown,” he said.

Despite his terrific individual career, McGrady, who led the NBA in scoring in 2003 and 2004, is widely known for never having won an NBA playoff series.

Has any player ever had more of a illustrious and let down of a career than Tracy McGrady? The kid was a stud coming out of high school and being drafted in the first round of the 1997 draft. He would eventually be paired with Vince Carter in Toronto to have one of the best young two man combos in the league. He was the original high school draftee that would bring his talents to Florida after a small stint in Toronto, McGrady went to the Orlando Magic. He absolutely NAILED it there but was often hurt.

He then played for the Rockets, Knicks, Pistons, Hawks, Qingdao Eagles (Chinese Basketball Association), and now with the Spurs. He is looking for his first playoff series win let alone a ring. He put his money on a safe bet, veteran led San Antonio Spurs.

Can I speak to my 20 and 30 somethings for a hot minute…Remember how GOOD T-mac was back in the start of his career? He wasn’t getting Jordan type comparisons in regards to winning but he was getting looks at as the next marketable star. And who can forget his shoes?

The T-Mac 2’s will forever be one of my favor shoes to this day.  Stylish, comfortable, and unique…can’t beat that.


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