NBC Confirms New “Friends” Comeback Season”

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April 17, 2013 12:45 PM by Billy Heywood

549030_10151163716784576_653822505_nApparently the entertainment world is going nuts because “Friends” is coming back for another season. I might be alone here, but I thought “Friends” was overrated. It literally is the same episode every time I watch it on TBS. Granted, I never “got into it” or cared, but it always seems like Ross was friendzoned by Rachel, and Rachel goes out and finds better looking guys than Ross because he is the typical Jewy New Yorker. Chandler and Monica were as vanilla as vanilla can be, and Joey and Phoebe were just fucking dumb and weird.

We all get it. NBC has nothing else to put out. The Office is on its way out, while Revolution, is mindfucking me left and right each week. Parks & Rec aswell as Community are obviously hilarious, SVU does its thing, and the Voice gives me goosebumps on the regular. Did you see last week? Outrageous.

NBC is on its last legs since they had their huge flops in “Do No Harm”, “Wonder Woman”, and “Awake”. (Sidenote I loved Awake, and I encourage all of you guys to take a look at it. the show had huge potential, but the writers fucked it up. only like 9 episodes deep so its a quicky).

Maybe this is the best thing for NBC, apparently they can’t fuck up too much, right?

My prediction: The show picks up after 10 years;


Ross and Rachel have raised Emma, but they are divorced/separated while maintaining their friendship for Emma (while Rachel fucks mad dudes on the side because shes a MILF and Ross is trying to win her back like a dumb idiot, not wanting to believe she moved on).


Chandler and Monica are raising their twins and they are having a hard time because its affecting their marriage (Monica might have cheated on him by accident with a co-worker).


Phoebe’s husband died from suicide…


Joey married some slutty italian woman that makes him chicken parm every night after he waxes her upper lip, and she waxes his asshole. Oh and Joey has 4 kids with 2 women (the other wife died.)

Whatever, everyone is gonna watch this, but me. Ill take my chances with the Girl Meets World spin off.

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