Legendary NFL Broadcaster Pat Summerall Has Passed Away at 82

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April 17, 2013 10:15 AM by Smash

Pat SummerallDallas News – Pat Summerall died Tuesday. He was 82.

That’s exactly how Summerall once told a writer he would craft the first sentences of his own obituary _ short and to the point.

He died in his hospital room at Zale Lipshy Hospital where he was recovering from surgery for a broken hip, a family friend confirmed.

The obituary conversation was held at his Southlake home after a 2004 liver transplant that saved Summerall’s life.


His minimalist staccato style was his trademark as the pre-eminent NFL voice for a generation of television viewers.

Summerall worked a record 16 Super Bowls in a network career that began in 1962 and ended in 2002.

In the 21 seasons Summerall worked alongside John Madden they grew into America’s most popular sports broadcast team. Their work for CBS at Super XVI, following the 1981 season, remains the highest-rated sports program of all-time, with more than 49 percent of the nation tuned in.

“I was so lucky I got to work with Pat,” Madden said. “He was so easy to work with. He knew how to use words. For a guy like myself who rambles on and on and doesn’t always make sense, he was sent from heaven.”

Not much to say here. It’s a sad day for the football world. I feel like I grew up hearing Summerall’s simple voice with John Madden rambling about Brett Favre. I think I was legit devastated when he retired from announcing. Between hearing him call real games and virtual games (Madden 95), he was such a big part of football for several generations.

Pat Summerall, rest easy. You’ll be missed.

Sidenote – The intro to this video is magical.

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