Is This the Best or Worst Invention Ever Created?


April 16, 2013 2:02 PM by Smash

Silent Alarm ClockFor starters, yes I know this is probably something someone would buy at a Spencer’s Gifts type store before those existed. I don’t actually think someone would stick this up their asshole, light it, and go to sleep.

HOWEVER, let’s think hypothetically about this. Let’s just say some Joe-schmo is the type of person who doesn’t rely on alarm clock or maybe he’s hit snooze one too many times. Maybe the silent alarm clock is his solution and new best friend. I mean, you can’t snooze it that’s for sure. If you really used it, would you more than likely wake up from your house about to burn to the ground? Most likely. But at least you woke up, right?

In all seriousness, you know some sick puppy would actually try this and would end up as a top contender for a Darwin Award. I guess if sticking things up your pooper, lighting them on fire is your thing, and not being able to wake up on time is your thing…this is the product for you.


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