Believe in America


April 16, 2013 9:00 AM by Wade Blogs

Waving-American-flagThe news of the attacks in Boston is still fresh to the ears, no one knows for sure what happened; who did it; why they did it; and what could have been. Yes several people were badly injured and others died. We will continue to pray for them and our country as we recover and learn from this heinous act.

Today begins the process that America has done so many times and it’s because we’ve done it so many times that we are the top of the heap in this world. Civil War? We came back United and stronger than ever. World Wars? We defended the right to liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness for ourselves and others around the world. Stock Market Crash? We learned from our mistakes and took responsibility for our reckless actions. Terrorist attacks? We saw a weakness turned it into a strength and came together as Americans to right the wrongs. We have been sucker punched in the past and collectively we have all gotten up, dusted ourselves off, and got back to business. That is the American way. We pause, reflect, think rationally, and get back to work. We are not vengeful, we seek justice. You don’t become the land of the free by talking about it. You become the land of the free because you have ideals and standards that you require from your countrymen and countrywomen.

Believe in America.

At the end of every day, no matter our political affiliations, belief in God, or sexual orientation we all come together as one country to help one and other. It is awful that we must only come together after tragedy, this is something we can change. You can start by offering a hand and not expecting something in return for your services. You can start by saying hello to that person on your street or your office floor instead of looking down. We are all connected through this great country of ours. We should take advantage (in a good way) of our neighbors talents and we should use our talents to help our neighbors. Opportunity to serve others is not limited to origin, gender, religion or education. We serve one and other because in turn we are helping our country grow.

Believe in America.

Our country will forever be a pillar of strength and example as long as there are brave men and women rushing into the chaos as other run away. They embody what our country is about: bravery, trust, strength, and faith. When an event like a explosion, gun fire, or a plane crashing into a building happens these men and women don’t think about their pay grades or themselves – they are thinking about your safety and well being. THAT is why America is America.

Believe in America.

As our President spoke yesterday he reassured the country and those listening around the world that these actions are not tolerated and those responsible will be brought to justice. Our enemies resent us because in the face of tragedy, we still offer them the respect of a fair and just trial. As we keep our emotions in check, we understand the task at hand.

Believe in America.

We have a choice right now: we can allow this to become the new norm or we can rise up once again and rebuild America once again. The America we will experience tomorrow is shaped today by you and me. This is a grave responsibility but I have the utmost faith because of America. We need to send a message to our assailants that no matter how hard you knock us down, we will ALWAYS stand up.

It is time to Believe in America more than ever. Share this message with family and friends, it will be the start of building a beautiful tomorrow from sea to shining sea.


2 thoughts on “Believe in America

  1. Sal Raymond says:

    Thank you! This was beautiful

  2. George Washington says:

    USA! USA! USA!

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