April Baseball is the Worst Kind of Baseball


April 16, 2013 4:32 PM by Smash

Target Field SnowCoors Field SnowThis is not supposed to happen during baseball season. First Target Field, now Coors Field. Woof. I’m convinced the Mets may never play another game this year. Just gonna get snowed out the rest of the season.

This is why I’m a firm believer in no interleague games until May at the earliest. Rescheduling and replaying games across leagues is going to be a nightmare.

And for a couple places that are notorious for lots of snow, you’d think they would include a retractable roof on them (especially in Minnesota which is a new park). Going to a game in early April or really anytime it’s cold is miserable. Nothing worse than trying to have a cold beer at a baseball game and it’s freezing. Football is one thing, but baseball is a summer game and it should be warm to hot. Any sign of snow around baseball is a gross sight. Get the hell outta here faux Winter.

One thought on “April Baseball is the Worst Kind of Baseball

  1. Ricky ledee says:

    What does the interleague have to do with it? The Yankees got rained out in Cleveland twice last week and will have to make it up? That was there only trip to Cleveland this year. Soo what difference would it make if it’s the tribe or the reds? Rain out is a rain out. I agree colder/wetter places need a roof (Miami) but Colorado is having a very cold April. Is it global warming? Is it not? I don’t know and I don’t care.

    Don’t blame it on interleague blame it on scheduling of games by league officials who did not consult the farmers almanac

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