Alcohol-Free “Bar” Opening in Chicago Suburb


April 16, 2013 3:15 PM by Smash

Eat Drink Be MerryNBC Chicago – A new bar is preparing to open in the northwest suburb Crystal Lake this month, but the facility is creating a buzz with its new party strategy—no alcohol.

The Other Side, set to open April 27, will work with various companies, sponsors and community organizations to provide clean, sober fun at it’s bar and night club combination, according to the bar’s website.

The bar, which is only open four nights each week, offers several lounge areas for “casual gatherings” on the weekends, a pool table, Ping-Pong table, bag toss set and darts.

They will also feature live music, karaoke, open mic nights, and dances.

The group behind the facility, New Directions Addiction Recovery Services, is a non-profit group that also provides the McHenry County area with a treatment facility, or halfway house, and intends to ease the transition of those coming off addiction.

Uhhhh, what? A bar that doesn’t serve alcohol…can you still even call it a bar? Call me crazy but couldn’t you just have “casual gatherings” at someone’s house? This is one of the  strangest ideas I’ve heard lately. I get that it’s used for people coming off alcohol addiction and I’m sure it helps going to a “bar” but I don’t think a bar with no drinks and boardgames is quite the same.

I couldn’t imagine none-ex alcoholics strolling up to this place for a night on the town. Would be the scariest, most awkward group of people in the world. Half the reason people go to bars is to lessen painful sober conversations. This would just be filled with sober conversations and you don’t have the “my drink is empty/bladder full” excuse. Woof.

So I guess if you’re into bars that don’t serve alcohol, this is your spot.


One thought on “Alcohol-Free “Bar” Opening in Chicago Suburb

  1. Ralph Samson Merkel says:

    Did you ever think of people who are recovering alcoholics that don’t need temptation but want social benefits of late night carousing? I applaud this measure and hope they succeed! Coca Cola, water, and Club Soda for all!

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