If You Don’t Like These “Dr. Pepper 10” Commercials, You’re Out of Your Mind

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April 15, 2013 4:31 PM by Billy Heywood


In between getting my Masters fix, I decided to fuggs through the channels and stumbled upon National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, and got a big fat chubby seeing Nick Cage solve mysteries and get Aztec or Nazi gold, whatever the fuck it was.

After the blonde chick steals some artifact or 2×4 wood plank thing, we cut to commercial break, and I see this old-timey video pops up of some lumberjack that reminds me of Will Ferrell in Step Brothers.

Anywho, its a Dr. Pepper 10 commercial about a mountain manly man who straight up picks up a huge motherfucking tree trunk and carries it like it aint no thang and says “this will make a mighty fine canoe.”

I was so fucking hyped after seeing these that I galloped to YouTube and starting searching for these commercials and apparently theres one with his Dr. Pepper 10 fetching hawk named “Gary”

“Canoe Bear”

and the long commercial, called I don’t know what, but I’m calling it “Bark:”

Keep doin’ you Dr. Pepper marketing squad, nailin’ the commercial game inside and out.

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