Zack Greinke vs. Carlos Quentin

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April 12, 2013 11:30 AM by Wade Blogs

Zach Greinke and Carlos Quentin had the weakest brawl I have ever seen in a baseball game. Honestly, Quentin gets hit on a 3-2 up and in pitch on his tricep, slowly walks out of the box, and makes a move by Greinke. The best part was that Greinke came at him and met him half way although he turned his body like a little bitch. By turning his body like a little bitch he opened himself to injury—which did happen, he broke his left collar bone.

Don’t feel bad for Greinke and certainly don’t call for Quentin to miss more than a handful of games. Greinke has hit Quentin 3 times in his career (2008, 2009). But you may say but it was 3-2 count in a close game, late none the less. You think Greinke, who has never been in a pennant race knows how important winning regular season games are? Greinke was getting his and Quentin, while coming at him soft, gave him the business.

Got to love Matt Kemp’s gusto. Not sure what is better following Quentin outside the clubhouse after the game or his quote on Carlos Quentin attending Stanford “I think Carlos Quentin went to Stanford, something like that?” Kemp said. “I heard there are smart people at Stanford. That wasn’t too smart. Greinke didn’t do anything wrong. That stuff happens in the minor leagues. It doesn’t happen in the big leagues.”  If he woulda dropped a BUSH league, we would have made some shirts….opportunity lost Mr. Kemp!

The best baseball fight will forever be a young Robin Ventura charging an older Nolan Ryan. Nolan Ryan laid the SMACK DOWN.

Robin Ventura Nolan Ryan Fight


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