Vegas Odds on the NFL Draft


April 12, 2013 12:46 PM by Wade Blogs

NFL DraftI saw a tweet from Darren Rovell about @SportsBook_com  and draft positioning of Geno Smith (4.5) Manti Te’o (24.5) Matt Barkley (31.5) Marcus Lattimore (84.5).

So as a schemer and gambler, as well as someone who knows how to operate a business for profit I had this idea…

I’m going to use the Jets as an example because they would be the circus act that would actually attempt this.

The Jets have the 9th pick in the 2013 draft, they need a LOT of help. Would Manti Te’o work in their system? Probably not. Would they benefit from his Notre Dame past and his fake girlfriend hoax? Well I’ll answer that with another question:  Do the Popes (Benedict and Francis) shit in their hats? YES.

So If I am Woody Johnson, billionaire owner of the Jets, I pull this little number. I have someone bet $5million that Manti Te’o gets picked before 24.5. Hell I’d buy back slots down to 20, anything lower than 20 would be suspicious. So you put $5million down and select him at the 9 hole. BOOM you just made a chunk of change that will cover a good part of his rookie guaranteed money. You get the fanfare of Manti Te’o and you schemed your way to make some more $$$.

This is definitely insider trading and if you’re not cheating you’re not trying folks!

2 thoughts on “Vegas Odds on the NFL Draft

  1. JDog says:

    Why does “Dips” still write for this blog? Where is billy?

  2. Dips says:

    Billy is currently in rehab for his addiction to cool whip mixed with his penchant for lack of motivation, this has resulted in his leave of absence. We wish him the best

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