Tianlang Guan Penalized for “Srow Pray”?

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April 12, 2013 3:15 PM by Billy Heywood

2013_Masters_Tianlang_Guan_14_Year_Old_Score_AugustaSo apparently the fourteen year old golf prodigy Tianlang Guan was penalized one stroke for playing too slow? I get it, golf is a gentlemen’s game. But it’s the first round and the kid is a fucking teenager. Lets tweak some of the rules…not the women rules, just the whole “fast is better” rules yanno. Comeon Augusta, imagine if Tianlang doesn’t make the cut because of this? How “rivid” would he be?

Get it….rivid…like….livid with an R…because…oh fuck you guys. Why didn’t Happy get a stroke added when he yapping to his grandma in between shots? Or when he was trying to get in Virginia’s pants on 18?


Happy Masters’ Weekend nerds!

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