Why the Designated Hitter Will Come to an End.

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April 11, 2013 3:15 PM by Wade Blogs

Edgar MartinezRecently there was an article on ESPN highlighting how the DH may be coming to the National League now that the MLB has adopted an interleague schedule for the whole season. I was in favor of intermixing in the League because I’m a baseball fan and would love to see my team play everyone. Imagine if Stan Musial came to Yankee Stadium? Imagine Ted Williams in Wrigley Field? Mickey Mantle teeing off at the AstroDome. Yes, there is TV, YouTube and apps…but as a baseball fan you want to see the stars LIVE.

So this brings me back to the DH and why I think it will be abolished. It has nothing to do with the integrity of the game or such. It will be abolished because of greed. Owners do not want to pay players $200 Million to swing a bat 500 times when they are 40+ years of age. It is not a good return on investment (look at A-Rod).

So where does the DH play into this? Well the sluggers sign for max contracts well into their 40’s with the safety net that they will DH. Owners don’t want to pay has beens top dollar when they can use that to acquire that stud new prospect.

The DH will be gone by 2025. No more safety nets for big sluggers means no more big paydays by owners to them either. The owners can then in turn be under the luxury tax and can go out and acquire new talent. Take these two for example:

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper
Total DH will mean bigger payouts and longer contracts which no owners really want. Fans don’t want it because it will lead to rising prices on everything from concessions to tickets to paying access to stadium wifi (don’t be surprised…they will nickel/dime you just like airlines).

As much as most fans would prefer to see the designated hitter all across the League, eliminating it seems like the more realistic option.

What are your thoughts on the DH?  We would love to hear them.


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