Major League Combat Might Be the Weirdest Sport in History


April 11, 2013 11:31 AM by Smash

My buddy sent this over to me and I thought it was a joke. I really thought it was one of those “let’s make it look real but everyone will know it’s fake.” Wrong. It’s Major League Combat and it’s a real fucking thing (at least I think it is).

Just from watching this video, it looks like you have to juggle your sticks all while making sure no one else fucks with yours WHILE you try to fuck with theirs. Essentially, I think you want to make it from one side of the…court? to the other without losing your sticks. No goalie or anything, just go from one side to the other.

I don’t know how scoring works but all I know is this is the most absurd thing I have ever seen. The more times I watch it the more it has to be fake. No fucking chance they actually have announcers for this shit. Also, ESPN banners? Nice try. They won’t even show the NHL. I don’t think they’d be sponsoring your juggling competition. Not only that but where is this played? It looks like an abandoned warehouse.

Well if it’s real: it’s the dumbest sport I have ever seen. If it’s fake: it’s still the dumbest sport I have ever seen and I just hate you more for even creating this. In the end…I’m going fake. MLC..fake all day.


2 thoughts on “Major League Combat Might Be the Weirdest Sport in History

  1. brian says:

    I don’t know whether or not this is fake, but we often ended our juggling club meetings with combat juggling many years ago in college, and it was incredibly fun, and violent. We always just did free for all. Last person juggling wins, and that’s pretty much it. This looks like its just a team effort. I would watch it, but I imagine non-jugglers would not find it very entertaining. It may just be something catching on at various juggling festivals.

  2. It’s real! I attended the event where the video was shot and my son is one of the players. More info is available at
    The reply above is correct. Combat juggling has been around for years. The WJF has taken the game to a new level. It is very exciting to watch! Even for those who do not juggle. You just need to understand the rules, so you can understand what you are watching – then it becomes a top notch sporting event.

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