Goat Head Sent to the Chicago Cubs

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April 11, 2013 9:00 AM by Wade Blogs

cubs_goatESPN – A goat’s head was delivered to Wrigley Field on Wednesday addressed to Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, a team spokesman confirmed.

No note was included, and it was turned over to Chicago police.

“We got a call at 2:30 p.m., responding to 1060 West Addison, Wrigley Field,” a Chicago Police Department spokesman said. “We’re investigating it as an intimidating package.”

The package was found at Gate K near the field, the team spokesman told the Chicago Tribune.

It’s possible the goat’s head is in reference to a “curse” placed on the team during the 1945 World Series. Restaurant owner Billy Sianis brought his goat to a game, but was asked to leave and he vowed the team would never win again.

The Cubs lost that series and have never been back. They last won a championship in 1908, the longest drought in professional sports.

You serious bro? You act like this is going to change the course of history and the “curse.” You trying to do a Godfather impression too? Whoever sent this is a grade A loser. There is no curse, the Cubs suck plain and simple. God gave Chicago Michael Jordan in return for a shitty ass baseball team with some serious drinking.

New York: They just owns sports because they have the most $$$ and will never go long without a championship.

Boston:  God gave them Celtics in return for Red Sox tears.  Someone cashed in some Hail Marys last decade and got championships from the 4 major sports.

LA:  Do they have real fans or trendy Hollywood assholes that go to the Games to be seen and call themselves fans?

Chicago: Relax…You have Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as your legacy. I think you can have a few more years of lovable losers.

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