Jim Beam Jacob’s Ghost

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April 9, 2013 10:15 AM by Wade Blogs

Jim Beam Jacob's GhostBoozeNews – The world’s largest bourbon producer is dipping into moonshining’s colorful past to create its own batches of white whiskey.

Beam Inc.’s newest spirit is called Jacob’s Ghost in honor of Jacob Beam, founding distiller of its flagship Jim Beam brand. Jacob’s Ghost resembles the potent concoction that flowed from the pioneering whiskey-maker’s still in the 1790s or from a moonshiner’s still today.

But this is no run-of-the-mill hooch brewed in the backwoods.

“We have perfected the whiskey recipe that Jacob created,” said Jim Beam master distiller Fred Noe, a descendant of Jacob Beam. “Jacob’s Ghost is not a moonshine.”

Jim Beam is rolling out some new old stuff for the whiskey drinkers of the world. Jacob Beam first distilled whiskey over 200 years ago and it was white…well it was clear.

This got me all types of fired up to sip on. I’m sending a bottle to a buddy of mine who has been under the assumption that clear liquor is healthy for you and you don’t get hangovers from it. This is complete bullshit but I am sending him one anyways. We’ll see if that changes his mind…and see if his nuts grow back.

I’ll let you know how it is. I’m into this because I can put it in a Poland Spring bottle now and sneek it into stadiums, movie theaters, BarMitzvahs, and Weddings.

Thanks Jim Beam…if you’re reading this we will take a case for free. Thanks.


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