Whoever Decided to Call This Plus Size Dress “Manatee Grey” at Target Needs a Raise

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April 5, 2013 10:15 AM by Smash

Manatee Grey TargetInquisitr – Target issued an apology today for an offensive color label on a dress sold online.

An online shopper noticed today that a dress on Target.com was available in “Dark Heather Gray” for one size but “manatee gray” for the larger size.

A photo of the offensive label started circulating around the internet causing many people to wonder if the picture was actually real. Well, it’s real. Thankfully, Target has already issued an apology for dress label saying that it was an “unintended oversight.”

Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede told Forbes:

“We never want to offend any of our guests. We apologize for any discomfort that we may have caused … We are in the process of fixing the discrepancy and updating Target.com so the gray dress will be available in all styles … We’re working on updating our systems right now.”

Deede said that Target uses “manatee gray” for many products. Towels, rain boots, and shirts are all available in the color, which by itself, isn’t really offensive.

While it’s true that Target uses Manatee Gray for many products, those products typically remain the same color regardless of size.

It’s funny because they’re calling fat people manatees! Get it?!

Is it bad I find this hilarious? I’ll answer that myself, no way it’s bad. It’s 100% fucking hilarious. I don’t know how someone actually found that but well done. I’m sure the person who did their little investigation piece was shopping for the manatee grey dress and lost their shit.

In Target’s defense, that is a dead accurate name for a color. If “manatee grey” was a crayon in a box of 64 Crayloa’s, it’d be more accurate than “black.” Would be head and shoulders better than “peach.” Come on, it’s called “white person skin.” Everyone knows when you were drawing white people, you reached for peach. You weren’t using the actual “white” crayon.


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