Little Girl Poops Her Pants While Going Down a Water Slide

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April 4, 2013 10:16 AM by Smash

It’s like a Haley’s Comet! Look at the trail on that majestic sight! At least there’s chlorine in there? Gross. Any and everyone that was on or around that slide that day definitely went home with a wicked case of pink eye. Shit particles just floating in your eyeball. No biggie.

Hey, at least daddy captured this precious moment so little Susie can relish this video forever and ever. Should be a good one to show when she’s a freshman in high school and guys still think “girls don’t poop.” Really throw those uncultured minds a curveball.

In all seriousness: gross.

Sidenote – This video can be 22 seconds. Clean it up ToddleTale.


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