Why Do Asians Rock Masks All Over the Place?


April 2, 2013 4:31 PM by Smash

Asians Wearing MasksI’ve been traveling around the last couple of weeks and I noticed multiple Asian people on different occasions rocking their SARS masks in public. What’s going on with that? They know that the whole SARS shit ended years ago, right? I was in an outdoor shopping center and BOOM white mask covering an Asians mouth. This isn’t China, you don’t die from breathing the air.

The mask thing is fucking bizarro world stuff but do they even do anything? I’m no Asian mask expert but doesn’t air still go around the sides of them? I’m pretty sure that’s how air works. Do they wear them when they get to their homes? Do they have a million air purifiers running 24/7? Do they cook their cats for food? I could go on all day with these. I just want to know why.

In all honesty, I think it’s just a shock to their system. It’s like when all you eat is fast food then you eat some green vegetables. Your body doesn’t even know how to handle it. That’s gotta be the case with our awesome air quality. They breathe shit colored air then our awesome American air shocks their systems. And yes, obviously air follows country borders. American air is different than Canadian air.


One thought on “Why Do Asians Rock Masks All Over the Place?

  1. Timothy Dugan says:

    Is the image of the girls in tutus and surgical masks available for publication? Is their a fee?

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